2-Day Courses

These courses are for absolute beginners and for people who’ve made a basket or two. During this 2-day course, you can take it all in at your leisure, take your time, really get into it and unwind. Have a browse through the books I will be bringing in and have a closer look at my baskets; how they’re made and different techniques and how they work with the different (combinations of) materials. This course will make it possible for you to tackle a bigger project.

It’s a fantastic day to spend with friends, but also really great to be with like-minded people you’ve not met before. 2-Day courses are either £149 or £175, depending on the materials. 

What can I expect?

  • Step-by-step guidance from the start of choosing your base sticks until the finished product;
  • Examples of what you could make at a 2-day course are a lampshade, shopping basket, bigger planter, tool, toy, dog or log basket with integrated handles on either side, or you could make two smaller baskets; one each day, if you’re a little more advanced. 
  • As you are using your head, heart and hands, bringing body and mind back in sync, you are in the moment and regrounding.
  • Working in a group allows you to share experiences, bounce off ideas; a great way to build new friendships.
  • Upon booking your course, you can opt to take part in a survey for me to get an idea of what you expect from your course, and to make sure I’m still relevant. 

What is included?

  • All materials (willow, rattan, rush or hedgerow);
  • Use of tools (if you don’t like using your own, I will have ample tools for everyone);
  • Teas, coffees, cakes and fruit for when we get peckish.

I suggest for people to bring a packed lunch. However, should the course be held at Kench Hill Charity, then a hearty lunch can be provided upon request for an additional £5.

Is this for me?

Over the years, people with disabilities or had arthritis were still able to weave a basket. Not quite sure about your abilities, then just get in touch and together we will assess and decide whether it’s for you.


I try to organise the courses in rural locations; on smallholdings and forest school areas, for instance, so we have the full benefit of nature around us to fully reconnect and rewild. 

Please contact me prior to booking, if you feel your course may need to be tweaked to your abilities, or if you’d like a more tailored experience. 

There is a maximum of six and a minimum of three participants per course. Should the minimum not have been reached, then you will be emailed. 

The range of 2-day courses include:

Upcoming 2-Day Courses

Basket Making for Beginners – 2-Day Course | 27.08.2022 + 28.08.22

Course Date: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August 2022 Location: Cowshed Workshop, Tenterden These courses are for absolute beginners and for people who've made a basket or two. They are held in a tranquil setting with nature all around us to fully reconnect and rewind. During this full-on course, we start at 10:00 and finish around 17:00.   What can I Expect?

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