Taking part in a course

Weaving a basket is enormously relaxing and grounding. You make a basket with your own hands, you’re in the moment, getting into the rhythm of it, almost in a meditative way. You’re amongst like-minded people from, often, different backgrounds to yours, which can be very refreshing.

It can be very beneficial for a healthy body and mind, especially when carried out in the open air, in a tranquil spot. The craft has been proven to have healing qualities and can assist people with stress, depression, or with a grieving process.

Although it is not for the faint-hearted and is quite strenuous and demands concentration, the wonderful thing about it is getting away into the countryside and designing and weaving your own basket, using age-old techniques that have not changed through the generations.

I had a really wonderful day on the one day basket weaving course a couple of weeks ago! Marianne was such a relaxed and encouraging teacher. I loved the fact that she let us all be creative with our baskets, rather than just making us all follow the same pattern. Marianne was super at helping you out when you got stuck, never making you feel like you were asking too many times and had such a chilled attitude that really put enjoying the process and creating a therapeutic environment as her top priority. I found the process of weaving so mindful - I haven't been able to sit down and focus on one thing with a clear mind in a very long time so that was a huge positive outcome for me. I hope I can do another course with you at some point in the not too distant future!
Helena Meadows

Now, with the new 2-day courses, you can weave a basket at your leisure. Get really stuck in. Time for yourself, away from the daily demands people make upon you. Have a read through the possibilities, but at your own risk; this craft can be addictive!