Taking part in a course

Weaving a basket is enormously relaxing and grounding. You follow the methodology, you’re in the moment, getting into the rhythm of it, almost in a meditative way. You’re amongst like-minded people from, often, refreshingly different backgrounds to yours.

It can be very beneficial for a healthy body and mind, especially when carried out in a tranquil, outdoors spot. The craft can assist people with stress, depression, or with a grieving process.

Although it is not for the faint-hearted and is quite strenuous and demands concentration, the wonderful thing about it is getting away into the countryside and designing and weaving your own basket, using age-old techniques that have been passed on between professional basketmakers for generations.

24 Apr 23' Phillida Lamon reviewed: Crafty Basketry's | Weaving Willow Ornaments | PRIVATE COURSE at Cowshed Workshop, Tenterden, Kent "A huge Thank You to Marianne for taking on board my ladies from Switzerland 🇨🇭 on their Visit Kent tour. We had a fantastic evening learning the basic techniques of Willow weaving and couldn’t believe how good the finished products were! Marianne is simply a lovely person to do such an activity with! Calm, reassuring, patient and attentive. It was endearing to witness her attachment to the environment and the Cowshed / workshop was the perfect place to make our willow plates/ trays and bird feeders. All the best Marianne … Merci mille fois! "
Phillida, Jacky, Béatrice, Elisabeth, Michèle & Danielle

Now, with the new 2-day courses, you can weave a basket at your leisure. Get really stuck in. Time for yourself, away from the daily demands people make upon you. Have a read through the possibilities, but at your own risk; this craft can be addictive!