Places on willow basket-weaving days and other courses are only allocated on a ‘first
come, first served’ basis on receipt of full payment.

Cancellation Policy
Once payment is received and a course is cancelled before 14 days prior to the chosen
course date, refunds can be offered, provided that I am able to fill your place, or if you
can find someone to take your place. If your place is filled, I will refund your payment
fully, minus £30 to cover administration charges. I am making every reasonable effort
in the time available to find someone to take your place, and have already approached
people on my reserves list.

If payment was received and you cancel within 14 days of the course date, or pay
but do not attend, it will not be possible to offer a refund, unless proven to have Corona
virus, or proven to have received a message to self-isolate due to exposure.
If you cancel your booking one week or shorter before the course due to Corona virus,
you will, upon providing proof, receive back your payment minus administration and
preparation costs of £30 and will receive a voucher for that percentage of the
difference to be used for your next workshop.

In the highly unlikely event of a course being cancelled by me, or in the event of a
lockdown due to Corona virus, I will endeavour to offer you an alternative date or will
refund your full payment, if you should so prefer.

Private Courses
In the event that you’ve hired me to come and teach for a half-day or day session and
you decide to cancel the session, cancellation and a refund minus an administration
fee of £30 can be obtained up to 8 weeks before the course starts.

Accessibility & Disability
Whilst I aim to make all my courses as accessible as possible, please note that willow
weaving is a physical activity. Although I try and assess your capability by request of
specific requirements beforehand, it is the participant’s responsibility to assess his or
her own physical health and suitability for a willow-weaving course at the time of
booking and on the course date.
Should you have any mobility, accessibility or physical health issues, do please
contact me prior to booking your place, as I’d like to be as prepared as possible before
your arrival, to make the course as much a thoroughly enjoyable event for you as it
will be for others.

Unless stated otherwise, all my willow courses are suitable for (young) adults.
Willow weaving for kids: These are suitable for children from the age of 8 and will need
to be accompanied by a responsible, participating adult or adult that is nearby.

Photography & Filming
Whilst I welcome all course participants to make notes and take photographs, filming
is strictly not permitted.

Any photographs taken by me may be used at my discretion for publicity purposes.
Please let me know if you are attending a course or event and do not wish to be
featured in photographs.


Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, on acceptance of an unusual commission or
bespoke course proposal, a deposit of 40% of the total cost is required before the
commission commences or 28 days prior to the course date.

On completion of a commission an invoice will be issued for the remaining 60% cost.
Payment is required within 14 working days, (unless specifically agreed in writing
beforehand). One month before commencement of a bespoke course an invoice will
be issued for the remaining 60% cost. Payment is required within 14 working days,
(unless specifically agreed in writing beforehand). This ensures that business costs
are kept as low as possible. If payment is not received within 30 working days, at my
discretion, I will levy an additional 15% interest charge to cover any additional business
costs that have been incurred.

Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of issue. Gift vouchers are non
redeemable for cash, non-transferable and resale is prohibited.

Crafty Basketry
January 2024